Private Practice Training for Associates

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After 4 years experience supervising therapists-in-training within community mental health, I am pleased to announce the opening of  my private practice to MFT and Psychological Associates. Working under my supervision can afford several unique and valuable opportunities:

  • the opportunity to conduct some client sessions in-person at my office in the Mission district of San Francisco
  • supervision and training includes a Neo-Ericksonian trancework-based approach, as taught to me via direct lineage (my teacher learned under Milton Erickson himself)
  • an eclectic milieu informed by my diverse training and experiences: 20-year vipassana meditator, certified shamanic practitioner, CMT-certified, familiarity with Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Flash EMDR
  • ​the enriched perspective of a therapist who came to the field later in life and as a third career
  • working with a supervisor who is a creative writer and published author of a mindfulness-based Acceptance & Commitment (ACT) self-help book
  • practicing within an inclusive environment affirming of gender, sexual, relational diversity (I am a founding member of Bay Area Open Minds) as well as BIPOC, neurodiversity, disabilities, and other "alternative" ways of being
  • learning sound professional boundaries and ethical practices in this new era of telehealth, online outreach and a hyper-connected world

Individuals eligible for registration as an AMFT or PA in California may apply.

Recommended resource to review:

​For AMFTs:

​For PAs:

Next steps:

​-Send an initial inquiry via contact form with any questions or comments. I can let you know more about fee splitting and set-up of the supervisor-supervisee relationship such as structure of supervision, employee status etc.

-Officially apply by emailing me the following in PDF or Word form.

 1) a formatted letter of introduction which includes some information about yourself such as your background and reason for choosing the profession of therapist. 2) a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. 3) Please include 3 references who can be contacted via telephone to discuss your clinical or related qualifications. 

The interview process is two-step with an initial phone call and then a second interview in-person or via video call.