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Transformative Depth Work:

Intensive Experiential In-Person 

The post-pandemic emergence of online telehealth as a de facto standard has broadened access and lowered the barrier of entry for many who seek therapy. At the same time, I strongly believe that in-person therapeutic work remains a powerful tool for insight, actualization and healing. This is especially true when engaged in deeper experiential processes which involve a high degree of mind-body-spirit engagement. Even for those clients who primarily meet via video call, periodic in-person sessions provide an opportunity to go further in the work through greater dimensionality of information and interaction.

In-person meetings can be powerful catalysts for visualization and imagination techniques such as trancework, parts work, and somatic attunement. In particular, some clients have described their trancework experiences as akin to "natural tripping," or "dreaming while awake." Moreover, they have reported significant progress due to these sessions. 

While guided and monitored by the therapist to safeguard the client's peace of mind, these processes are essentially self-led in that they are based on present-moment material arising within the client during deepened states of consciousness. Sober, naturally-induced altered phases of consciousness reflect brain wave states which differ from normal wakeful awareness. While traditional talk therapy tends to remain within the range of normal brain waves, it is this shift into deeper levels of consciousness that gives trancework and other experiential modalities their immense potential to create longterm positive impact.

A Few More Words on Trancework...

People naturally cycle through different brain wave states on a daily basis. These can also be accessed via exercises such as meditation, binaural beats, activities which get you "in the zone" or flow state, and even everyday experiences like driving and watching media (e.g. when you forget how you drove to your destination; when you momentarily stop tracking that you are looking at a screen because you are so fused with the story). When we are passive and in less mindful states, we are more susceptible to trance-based programming which is used in an attempt to manipulate the unconscious--such as messages in advertisements, news, songs and the like. This kind of hypnotic influence has, to some extent, created a bad name for mind training techniques. But vulnerability to such messaging only works when metacognition and other mindfulness practices are not sufficiently engaged. So when we bring intentionality, mindfulness and integrity to our depth work, there is nothing to fear and important strides can be made toward life goals. In these states, the mind is able to expand beyond false dichotomies and cognitive dead ends while reprogramming self-limiting beliefs at the source level. This release from internal struggle is also experienced as a felt sense in the body and a feeling of equanimity on an emotional level, thereby grounding the positive outcome multi-dimensionally.

Note: my intensive offerings differ from typical topdown therapist-directed hypnosis, which often involves a more strict following of a prefabricated script and less input from the client. In my clinical opinion, utilization of client-specific content can be much more powerful and empowering than passive listening to generic scripts! 

At the end of the day, it's results that matter. And these techniques can produce dramatic and lasting transformation. This is one reason many successful life coaches such Tony Robbins utilize these frameworks.

Benefits of Depth Work:

  • Creativity
  • New Insights
  • Clarity for Action
  • Consciousness Expansion
  • Resolution of Inner Struggle
  • Greater Acceptance & Self-Compassion
  • Powerful Tools to Address Life Challenges

Examples of how it may work:

  • As a supplement or periodic replacement for online or in-person traditional talk therapy
  • One-off consciousness coaching session of one-hour+ for stable individuals with a specific issue of focus to target

         (regular therapy attendance not required) 

My Qualifications:

Extensive training in Neo-Ericksonian trancework with Dr. Stephen Gilligan, himself a student of Milton Erickson. I have attended 4 weeks of Trance Camp over 2 years, as well as 2 weeks of supervision retreats over 2 years. Additional year of training in standard Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Certified NLP Level 1 Practitioner (NLP is largely based on Ericksonian principles). This class of modalities are known for their powerful and fast-acting outcomes.

Continuing Education completed in Internal Family Systems, Flash EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing (2 modules), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (Boot Camp with Steven Hayes, 2 conferences, authored book on subject). 
Certified Shamanic Practitioner, 3 years experience shamanic channeling20 years experience Vipassana meditation. 20 years prior experience entheogen/psychedelics.