Private Practice Training for Pre-Licensed Associates

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Are you planning to work as a psychotherapist in solo private practice? I may be able to help! Work independently while being supervised under my license. Build your caseload of clients, gain pre-licensed hours, learn the ins and outs of running your own business, have access to an office for in-person appointments, and earn money for your time. 

Things to Consider...

It takes time and effort to build your own practice, sometimes years before a consistently full caseload can be established. I believe that therapists endeavoring to manifest a solid private practice can be best served through an organic process of exploration, experimentation, consultation, and continuing education. The reality is that during the first phase of one's private practice, one may need to rely on additional financial resources to support you. While the current system of pre-licensure is far from perfect, my goal is to offer fair fee splitting and mentorship within a decolonized critical perspective where therapist self-care, clinical integrity and business acumen are fostered. 

After 4 years experience supervising therapists-in-training within community mental health, I am pleased to announce the opening of my private practice to pre-licensed MFT, PCC, MSW and Psychological Associates. Working under my supervision can afford several unique and valuable opportunities:

  • the opportunity to conduct some client sessions in-person at my office in the Mission district of San Francisco
  • supervision and training includes a Neo-Ericksonian trancework-based approach, as taught to me via direct lineage (my teacher learned under Milton Erickson himself)
  • an eclectic milieu informed by my diverse training and experiences: 20-year vipassana meditator, certified shamanic practitioner, CMT-certified, familiarity with Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Flash EMDR
  • ​the enriched perspective of a therapist who came to the field later in life and as a third career
  • working with a supervisor who is a creative writer and published author of a mindfulness-based Acceptance & Commitment (ACT) self-help book
  • practicing within an inclusive environment affirming of gender, sexual, relational diversity (I am a founding member of Bay Area Open Minds) as well as BIPOC, neurodiversity, disabilities, and other "alternative" ways of being
  • learning healthy professional boundaries and ethical practices in this new era of telehealth, online outreach and a hyper-connected world

Individuals eligible for registration as an AMFT, AMSW, APCC or PA in California may apply.   

Recommended resources to review:

​For AMFTs, ASWs, APCCs:

​For PAs:

Next steps:

​-Send an initial inquiry via contact form with any questions or comments. I can let you know more about fee splitting (typically 50-50) and set-up of the supervisor-supervisee relationship such as structure of supervision, employee status etc.

-Officially apply by emailing me the following in PDF or Word form.

 1) a formatted letter of introduction which includes some information about yourself such as your background and reason for choosing the profession of therapist. 2) a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. 3) Please include 3 references who can be contacted via telephone to discuss your clinical or related qualifications. 

The interview process is two-step with an initial phone call and then a second interview in-person or via video call.