Integrated Life Coaching

Life coaching is a positive and forward-looking approach to personal growth. It can be an ideal choice for clients who have gone beyond the need to achieve psychological stability, and are desirous of greater optimization and fulfillment in their life. Coaching can help take things to the next level in your self-actualization. 

My approach to coaching is integrated and holistic. Meaning I take a big picture view of my client's life, providing proactive feedback for optimization in areas such as mental outlook, physical health, exploration of passion and values, and emphasis on good habits and balanced living.

Maybe you've done the hard work of getting to a place of relative contentment and success, but feel that there are still some missing pieces to the puzzle, such as creative engagement, greater meaningfulness, attunement to nature, or enhanced mindfulness. Perhaps you are wanting to explore ways to deepen your life through increased interpersonal awareness, or connecting with the metaphysical and  spiritual aspects of life. Or maybe you just need a few more tools to add  to your toolbox for successful living. 

Life is meant to be about more than just getting by. Systems and practices exist which, when implemented, can make life more enjoyable, authentic, and enriched.  Mindfulness and self-hypnosis training, creative visualization, Inner Game performance enhancement techniques, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) are some of the tools I utilize as effective strategies to enhance your personal power. In addition,  I integrate the latest research on eating practices which support cognitive processes and overall health.  

Integrated life coaching is available via remote or in-person sessions, typically with an alternating week-to-week schedule. Feel free to email me at  or call me to set up a free consultation.